Resort Concept

With could be slower.

The world appears to be spinning ever faster into the future. Time rushes by and life becomes ever more hectic. A life among antiques, however, can slow things down, making us stop and contemplate the beauty of old workmanship and artistry and its history. At Marndadee Heritage River Village, 80 percent of the furnishings and décor are antiques, distinguishing every room with an individual touch.  A cupboard once owned by a British resident of Burma, a bed of British origin that came from India and a sofa from Germany are just a few of the examples of the eclectic collection of the resort’s furniture.

Rice Barn

"Hlong Khao" in the Northern Thai dialect means rice barn, which resembles a one storey house with an open ground floor and a low ceilinged second floor bordered by a wooden balcony. The advances of rice storage technology have reduced the use of rice barns, which have become an architectural rarity to be preserved by those interested in Lanna tradition.

                The hlong khaos of Marndadee Heritage River Village are well preserved and have been tastefully converted into beautiful residences, each one decorated in a unique style, with art works by leading Thai artists. The open ground floor invites guests to relax in a hammock or to dine at a table wafted by river breezes.

Lanna Colonial

This building combines the use of bricks and timber to recreate the Lanna-European style known as “colonial” and popular during the reign of King Rama V. One of the precious décor items in this building are the antique reclaimed doors. The first floor is European in style and 2nd floor is in Oriental style, luxuriously furnished and equipped, with a Victorian-style bathtub in an open air bathroom area. In front of the building is an installation by the famous Thai artist Thongchai Sirsukprasert.


This building’s high ceilings, thick walls and Chinese interior design recreate the style and mood of Shanghai in the 1940s. The décor features many interesting and attractive antiques. Elderly or infirm guests are particularly catered for.

                This building is adjacent to the SPA which is decorated in the same style. The special décor items are the antique Chinese style stucco above the entrances of each door portraying 4 seasons in China.